donderdag 24 november 2011

Rotterdam Tango Transformations

2012 will be the year of transformations. A lot of things are changing at the moment and it seems that old patterns are not functional anymore in personal lifes and in society. The Rotterdam tango Transformations festival will look back and forward at the same time. Without the roots of tango we cannot make a vision of what awaits us in the future. So within classical tango festival structures we... will offer new ways and forms in tango like contact tango, Yoga and tango and seminars based on colours of our chackras. It is the first tangofestival in 2012 with a strong focus on the transformations that will take place in 2012 and we will focus on connections and deepened experiences using tango as a container for heart-contact, sharing and personal expression.

The festival also celebrates two main features of Rotterdam : the harbour and brilliant architecture and a lively world music scene and well known tango education at CODARTS. As a result of the latter the festival will have a strong live tangomusic input. During this event the semi finals of the concurso del Ocho will take place in WMDC, in coorperation with CODARTS Rotterdam, section Argentine tango. All international participants of this contest will play live at the festival.

The Urban quality is symbolised by Katendrecht, which has a history like Buenos Aires where sailors gathered in bars and visited illegal prostitution, a melting place of immigrants from different parts of the world. Katendrecht is now an Urban hotspot and develops rapidly, but still with the character and atmosphere from the recent past. The saturday main salon of the festival and tangocafe's will take place here, and the friday salon in CODART's WMDC/Grounds.

The festival is supported by the existing tangoschools in Rotterdam Cuartito Azul and TangoWorks and we work together to make a new atractive initiative in the city with the strongest vibrant artistic scene in the Netherlands at the moment: Rotterdam.

Friday january 20
Performance by OTRA (Orquesta Tanguera de Rotterdam Integrada por Alumnos)
WMDC / GROUNDS and Tango Salon 20.00 - 01.00
DJ Giggio Giovanni ( Moskow )

Afterpary/marathon 01.00 - 06.00

Saturday january 21
Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Muller
and tango & Yoga by Cathrin Alisch
Semi Finals of Concurso del Ocho with 4 international tango ensembles

SALON with Orquesta Tipica Budapest ( )
and tango performances 20.00 - 01.00
De kantine, Theater Walhalla, Katendrecht
( DJ Jens Dorr , Koln )

Afterpary/Marathon 01.00 - 06.00

sunday january 22
seminars & tangocafe with World Music Gathering
14.00 - 23.00

more info coming soon via