woensdag 7 april 2010

Nocturna wins Doble Ocho Concurso

foto: Michel Oehlen order photos of doble ocho from Michel Oehlen here

Trio Tango Nocturna won the 3rd Concurso del Ocho, the international Tango Music Competition held in Nijmegen on march 12th. The Encouragement price was given to NORTENOS.

Nocturna was immediately invited by a delegation of Cafe Ada from Wuppertahl to perform there later this year, and also the INTERNATIONAL TANGOFESTIVAL BERLIN send Hauke Juranek to invite the Trio Nocturna. As result of a coorperation with these international festivals, the winner has the oppertunity to play on these festivals when the organisation agrees and when the winner fits in the festival programme. Also negociations with the Sitges festival may lead to a performance in Spain later in july.

Nocturna will perform on the openingnight of the Berlin festival on may 19th/ See their website here

Nocturna (‘of the night’) is the title of a fast milonga from the Argentinean tango repertoire. The music of Trio Nocturna is in an original way based on this repertoire. The trio consists of Charlotte Dupuis (voice, violin) Mirek Walton (guitar, piano) and Boris Franz (double bass). The repertoire of Trio Nocturna includes new arrangements of tango classics (e.g. of A. Piazzolla en S. Piana) and contemporary compositions by Mirek and Boris. The diversity of influences is audible on the debut album of the trio: Milonga del norte (February 2009). The members of the trio graduated from various conservatories and each has a diverse musical backround. Their strong musical connection comes forward in poetic, quite dance-able, joyous and melancholic tangomusic.

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